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Copper Cooling Blocks

Since the last decade, more and more metallurgical furnaces and associated facilities have been constructed with water cooled elements.
Typical applications of such elements include the furnace wall panels, runner and launder for slag or matte, gas duct and sealing, charging gate, tapping blockes, electrode holders, burner blocks etc. for the furnaces below:
-           Blast furnaces,
-           Flash smelting furnaces and flash converters,
-           Top blowing furnaces,
-           Electric arc furnaces,
-           Refining furnaces, 

One of proven technology making such elements is the casting of molten copper to the moulds containing pre-settled pipes. Cool-Cu cooling elements has be proven by industrial satisficacation since 1995 in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelters, demonstrating at least the following advantages:
-           Low resistance to water flow due to around pipe bending at turns
-           High heat transfer rate due to gap-free contact between pipe and main cast  
-           Allowing complicate shapes of the components due to flexible pipe route arrangement
-           No water leaking risk due to external connections of cooling pipes 
-           Variable fins shape possible due to use casting process
-           Long service life due to proven design and high quality 

Cool-Cu cooling elements are right choices for furnace cooling against thermal and chemical attacks, and mechanical impact. For further information, please contact us via email: contact@ohuatek.com

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